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The XBox One has Kinect 2.0 built-in. Better yet, this version has the kind of gesture and voice control you could only dream of.

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Xbox 1: How It's Different

Microsoft are, inevitably, touting the XBox One as a dramatic, must-have improvement over the XBox 360. So, just what are these improvements. Let's take a look:

  • Processing Power:

    Where the 360 used a 3-Core Xenos processor, the XBox One as an 8-Core AMD system.

    RAM has increased to 8Gb (from a paltry 512Mb) and the XBox One has 500Mb internal memory.

  • Multimedia:

    Live TV support now standard, Blu-Ray included. Plus cloud storage will allow instant updates and the ability to start games where you left off, even on another device.

  • Kinect As Standard:

    Instead of being an optional extra - as it was with the XBox 360 - Kinect is now a standard part of the Xbox One package.

  • The Controller:

    More than 40 improvements made to the controller to make it more comfortable, responsive and easy to use.

  • Exclusive Games Releases:

    At the launch of the XBox One, Microsoft also unveiled around 15 exclusive games for their new console.

    These include long awaited titles such as Halo 5, Forza Motorsport 5 and Dead Rising 3 along with intriguing new releases such Project Spark, TV/Game crossover Quantum Break and Titanfall.

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The Critics Views

"A fascinating device with some fascinating features." Stuart Andrews, (

"A number of 'Why hasn't anyone thought of that before?'... features. From the so-far-superior Kinect camera to the live TV integration, Microsoft's system feels as if it isn't beholden to the past." Matt Swider, (

"The Kinect truly an extension of the controller without the constraints of a controller." Casey Chan, (

"The Xbox One really does feel like some elaborate piece of home theater gear -- and considering its mission to knit entertainment together into a modern all-in-one package, that's clearly intentional." CNET Editor, (